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Dive into a smorgasbord of comedy contests—from slapstick to satire, choose your stage and play to the crowd.

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Your eye for humor can turn the tides. Watch, vote, and have a say in who takes the comedy crown.

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Every interaction fuels the fun and fills your pockets. Climb the leaderboards and unlock your rewards with every laugh you give and get.

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Join a community where laughter is the language we all speak fluently. Connect, share, and grow with like-minded humor enthusiasts.

Perform and Profit

At F, humor pays—literally. Find a contest, perform, and turn your winnings into currency.

Learn and Amplify

Meet your AI-powered humor sidekick, ready to refine your repertoire and amplify your comedic impact.
Talents Wanted

Funny Folks Wanted!

Join us and book your spot on our FCR 100 Roster! We're scouting for 100 humor enthusiasts eager to be seen and heard and redefine comedy's future with us. Enjoy early app access, complimentary show tickets, prime roles in-app, and spotlight opportunities. Your talent, our stage— let's reshape the world of comedy together.


Our journey is marked with laughter landmarks. We’re on a quest to build the ultimate humor ecosystem.

FCr 100 casting
Setting up Social Media assets and initiating casting for FANCROWDr 100
Beta Launch
Beta launch on iOS and Android
FCr Showcase RoadShow
Launching on-ground activities and the FANCROWDr Talent Showcase
New Verticals
Releasing new talent verticals and contests on app
New Features
Releasing new monetization and community features
Launching in new markets
Releasing our app in new markets in multiple languages

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